Braces and Food (and an update on our Good Toothbrushing Award winners)

You may be curious about what you can and can not eat when you have braces. This article from Orthodontics Australia answers a lot of the commonly asked questions, you can read it at this link

Some of the questions we get asked in the clinic are questions such as “Can I chew gum?” or “Can I eat chocolates?” Or (our secret favourite treat), Tim Tams? Or food like pizza, biscuits, nuts, etc?

A quick answer would be most food items are fine, but remember: Everything in moderation. And avoid or be wary of hard food items, you may break or damage the braces while consuming harder food. Most importantly, watch the sugar content of the food you eat, and remember to clean the food out from between braces and teeth. Good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing regularly) will also help keep your teeth and gums healthy while you are wearing braces.

Speaking of good oral hygiene,

In other news:

We have not posted about our Good Toothbrushing Award winners for a few months, apologies to the winners for the delay in announcing them. The winner for October 2023 was Hayley, for November it was Tia, and last month’s winner was Prisha!¬†Congratulations to you all and well done on a good job.