April 2023 Update

It has been a pretty busy past couple of months for our practice.

Dr Pang at the ADX Melbourne Dental Exhibition

Dr Pang was at the ADX Melbourne dental exhibition recently. There were lots of new dental products and materials on display, and scanners, autoclaves, handpieces, dental chairs, etc. It is always good to keep up to date, and to look at and try out new technology in dentistry and orthodontics. There were even robots on demo as dental auxiliaries, still very much in the initial phase in terms of usefulness but surely something that will develop as time goes on.

Dr Pang was interviewed while he was at the conference, check out the photo on this page!

Good Toothbrushing Award

Here are the latest winners of our ‘Good Toothbrushing Award’ programme. Dr Pang and our clinical staff select the patient with the best oral hygiene every month, and we reward them with a very special Good Toothbrushing Award. This consists of a gift voucher and their (first) name on display in the waiting room.  Our winner for January 2023 was Macy and for February 2023 it was William. Congratulations Macy and William! Unfortunately there was no winner for March, but we have shortlisted a deserving group of good toothbrushers for April, so there will be a winner announced next month.


Our new (well, updated) website has launched! We hope you enjoy looking through the website. It is still a work in progress, so please do bear with us. Have a look at our team page, and get to know the wonderful staff members and read up a little bit more about our orthodontist.

Dental Chairs

We have installed two new dental chairs at our Whitford City Orthodontics branch. We tried to match them to the other existing chairs, but the blue is just a little bit different in the new ones. Oops, hopefully no one notices! Here is a hint though (photo), see if you know where they are in the clinic. We do like the new cobalt blue colour, and they are less squeaky than the old ones they replaced, and much smoother to operate.

Masks in the Clinic

It is not a requirement for patients and visitors to our practice to wear a face mask anymore. But please do continue to wear a face mask if you feel more comfortable doing so; if you have forgotten to bring your mask, we have spares, just let our friendly receptionist know


Please continue to monitor our Facebook page and our website for updates.